Why the Teams Know Best to Transform

We would like to share with you our key takeaways for preparing 1700+ employees for the future! What does shift-left really mean in the context of
a global organization? Moving away from centrally operated platforms, teams need to adopt a different mindset to deliver and operate business-critical applications.

Our approach is driven bottom-up and is built on four core pillars: Agile Architectures, Learning in a safe environment, Self-Reflection and data-driven decision-making. We will cover each of them in detail to help you to avoid pitfalls in your own transformation journey.


Gabor Facsar

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I’m lead DevOps advocate and product owner in the Credit Suisse – Swiss Universal Bank IT. Previously I was working as a SQL DBA and as a platform and infrastructure architect in the data and analytics space. I’m holding a master degree in computer science.

Magdalena Barczyk-Trzeciak