Track+ Keysight: Shifting Right with Digital Twin Testing

The promise of quality engineering is for executives to understand how adjusting the variables of speed, quality, and cost in their software impacts the delivery of customer value.

This talk will discuss how a series of developments — both in technique and technology — are converging to deliver on this promise. It covers how embracing shift-right techniques can help executives understand how we can monitor and learn from the real-world deployment of our software.

Using real-world examples of the shift-right approach, you will learn how it leads to making smarter decisions and reducing errors and rework. You will engage directly with end-users to observe and understand their behaviours.


Jonathon Wright

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Jonathon Wright is a strategic thought leader and distinguished technology evangelist. He specializes in emerging technologies, innovation, and automation, and has more than 25 years of international commercial experience within global organizations. He is the Chief Technology Evangelist for Eggplant a Keysight Technologies company based in Cambridge in the UK. Jonathon combines his extensive practical experience and leadership with insights into real-world adoption of Cognitive Engineering (Enterprise A.I. and AIOps).