The Quality of the Swisscom Blue TV- Swisscom

Customer satisfaction, stability and quality related KPIs of Swisscom blue TV have been improving steadily since launch of the product in 2014, while the team is also becoming constantly more cost efficient in parallel.

I would like to offer some insights and answers to questions that I would consider relevant with an outside view.

How do we really know how happy our customers are and what is important for them? What are the important factors when building a product consisting of hard- and software with multi-disciplinary teams, working with partners locally and from all over the world? How does our rollout process work? How do people and teams between development/SRE/quality/analytics etc. work together efficiently? What are the key points to motivate every single employee to go the extra mile towards an even better product? Agile vs. traditional, how does our setup look like today? What makes us successful? And how do we even know if we are successful?


Daniel Glauser

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After studying electronics and software engineering and spending some time as a software developer and project leader in various departments of Swisscom, he changed over from strategy & innovation to the more hands-on topic of building a new Swisscom TV platform. First driving the implementation of Swisscom TVs own app store, he later took the lead of a multi-disciplinary team of DevOps engineers, product owners, product managers and test automation experts. In the role of “Head of Entertainment Devices”, he was responsible for the implementation, launch and lifecycle of the UHD Box and the Swisscom Boxes, the integration of various 3rd party apps on Swisscom TV as well as the end to end quality of the product. He dedicates his spare time to his family and technical diving in the beautiful lakes of Switzerland.