Holistic Monitoring - Taming IT and Organizational Complexity

When operating complex infrastructure, a key challenge is to get a holistic monitoring view of running services that supports:

1. A common customer centric culture across the organization
2. Making investment decisions
3. Minimizing MTTR and maximizing the Deployment Frequency

The key ingredients of a solution we showcase in this talk are:

– Decentralized responsibility in a centralized view: Self-service SLO and AD management
– Team Mastery: Consulting, training and support
– Seamless integration: advanced stream and batch processing
– Auditable progress towards the targets


Sebastian Häni

2022 Sebastian Häni 2022 Sebastian Häni Firma



Sebastian Häni is DevOps Engineer at Swisscom building an advanced E2E monitoring solution that supports the whole organization in achieving their reliability goals. The technical skills he uses there involve Microservices, Streaming, Machine Learning, Cloud, Single Page Applications (React) and others. Before that, he worked at Swisscom on a B2B customer-facing platform as lead engineer. Prior to that, he spent time building fullstack applications at DV Bern and RUAG. Sebastian has a MSc degree in Engineering with specialization in Data Science.

Ivailo Manassiev

2022 Ivailo Manassiev 2022 Ivailo Manassiev Firma


Ivailo has more than 20 years of experience within the Software Industry. Obtained thorough understanding of the software development lifecycle, working for a broad spectrum of companies and roles like system engineering, software development, architecture and consulting.

Within Swisscom one of the main drivers behind the adoption of technologies like Distributed Tracing, SLO Management and Anomaly Detection. Promoting the idea that observability is actually a data science problem.