Workshop: Greenhouse of Test Automation: Visualize QA using InfluxDB and Grafana

The Netherlands is a very small country, but a very great player when it comes to greenhouses. What can we learn from them to achieve the same with test automation? How can visualizing automated tests bring you closer to sustainable test automation and build confidence in quality assurance? The greenhouse metaphor will be the thread of this journey, through the concept & implementation of extracting test results, storing them in an Influx database. It concludes with a demo where the data is visualized on a Grafana dashboard, and lessons learned.


Anaïs van Asselt

2022 Anaïs van Asselt 2022 Anaïs van Asselt Firma


Anaïs van Asselt is a test automation engineer, coach and enthusiast. She gained a lot of perspective at a variety of organizations and (test automation) tooling, both frontend and backend. Anaïs stands for a context-driven approach, Bruce Lee Driven Development, and loves nature metaphors to share her stories and pursuit of sustainable test automation.