Mattias Björnheden

You are in control - the tools we use to give teams operational ownership

We will take a look at the technical solutions we use to enable operational ownership for our teams. In three years, GetYourGuide has moved from a monolithic application owned by a couple of teams to more than a hundred applications across almost twenty teams. To allow a high level of autonomy, teams can use AWS, Terraform, Spinnaker, Datadog and internal tools for operation. This is the story of how that is set up: The actions that went well and the ones that got a lot of pushback from teams making us adjust the approach.

Short Bio

Mattias Björnheden is passionate about building strong engineering teams that take full ownership of their domain. He is currently the Director of Engineering for Infrastructure at GetYourGuide.
He enjoys being a hands-on technical leader in fast growth organizations. Mattias is driving the efforts to build a fast scaling, high developer productivity platform using cloud technologies. In the past he has figured out mobile CI/CD, playlist recommendations, and experimentation at Spotify.

Weitere Speaker