Matthias Fritschi


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Infrastructure as Code: Pipelines & Good Practices (DE)

Infrastructure-as-code enables the definition, configuration and provisioning of infrastructure using code. This is an enabler for automation and also allows the application of good practices from software engineering to infrastructure processes. Version control, reviews, test automation, staging and deployment pipelines give us the security and speed to bring infrastructure changes into production quickly. In this talk, I show which of these practices and patterns have proven themselves in practice, how they are successfully applied, and how infrastructure changes can be brought into production through pipelines.

Short Bio

Matthias Fritschi works as a Software Architect & Engineer at avega IT AG, where he supports customers in successfully realizing software and bringing it to the customer. His enthusiasm is not only for complex software projects but also for continuous delivery, DevOps, cloud topics and infrastructure automation. Matthias is one of the founders and organizers of the Berner DevOps Meetups.

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