Markus Barmettler

Markus is the Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Comparis. Before joining Comparis in October 2019 he held various leadership roles at IBM and NZZ. Despite his background being in economics he soon discovered the “dark side of data” and has since not been able to escape. His current mission is to help people succeed with data and try to have some fun while doing so.

Talk: The Data Journey at Comparis

Comparis is one of the early Swiss digital startups and this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. One could assume that, being a digital native, it is powered by modern tech, but in actual fact, 25 years is long enough to build up technical debt.
In this talk, Markus will describe his journey to modernize Comparis’ data infrastructure in the cloud, as well as how to prepare it for the next level of data-driven use cases.