Lorenzo Fanetti

I started my career in Digital and Marketing in 2012, the year I finished my Masters in Economics & Communication at USI (Università della Svizzera Italiana). In my daily work, I support some of the major companies in Italy in their QA activities and UX analysis and improvement.

Talk: How to Make Software Testing Human Centered (for real)

What’s more human-centered in software development and testing than bringing real users into the process? First, we’ll show what IT teams need to know to select testers (what to look for and how many testers), how you can distribute your unfinished product to your testers, how to guide them and correct them. Finally, how to track the bugs they find and how to use the results.
For better results, sometimes crowdtesting needs to be incorporated or substituted with other methods. We’ll see a few practical examples of how to choose.
In the last part we’ll see how crowd sourced testing fits.