Jérôme Comte

Jérôme Comte is a passionate software engineer and enthusiastic entrepreneur. He founded exense GmbH in 2016 to promote the open source platform step, which he designed and co-developped after several years of advocating and serving software performance, quality and robust architectures as a freelancer. Besides step, he ran various projects like djigger, the open source performance monitoring and profiling solution for Java, or oryon, an automation solution for Swing and FX widely used by health insurances. Above all, Jérôme is a real nature lover. When not at his desk, he is very likely to be found at his farmhouse planting, weeding or harvesting for self-sufficiency, or roaming the mountains of Central Switzerland.

Talk: Selenium based load testing: some real progress!

Since the mid 90′ little progress was made to overcome shortcomings of load test tools regarding measurements at Browser level. Only recently a combination of Kubernetes and Selenium enhanced by the step platform allowed us to successfully test several applications. This breakthrough increases the quality of our measurements, enables new shift left options, reduces scripting time and allows us to test previously „untestable“ Browser based applications.