Geoffroy Carlotti & Duncan Fletcher


14.35 – 15.05 Testing 1

Flying Ahead with Testing (EN)

How do you manage the quality of multiple safety critical products in a highly regulated environment in the midst of an Agile transformation? We reveal the steps Skyguide has taken to innovate in air traffic management, disrupting and challenging the status quo of testing in this very complex industry. We detail our journey from scaling Agile across multiple sites with multiple suppliers to the difficulty in changing mindsets, moving from manual process to automated testing, live documentation and testing in production with safety critical software.

Short Bio

I, Geoffroy Carlotti, am a DevOps engineer with four years of experience in the Air Traffic Management industry, driving forward the adoption of CI and CD after having experienced the pain of the lack of these. I like archery, gaming, and generally putting pressure where it hurts.

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