Ameet Sarvaiya, Joaquim Rovira & Mihai Balaci

What's your SLO?

Hear about’s journey from the first SLI definition & error budget definition to using SLOs as a defacto communication language between services owners. We will share details, process and tools that we have formulated along the way and how we use a metric-based approach to drive engineering improvements.

Short Bio

Ameet Sarvaiya is a Senior Product Manager at’s Core Infrastructure department where he works with reliability engineers running critical services for the company. He has been involved with site reliability engineering since its introduction at the company and has been deeply involved in the transformation to an DevOps / SRE culture and way of thinking and working. Amongst other things he has worked to introduce a collaboration model between product and reliability teams, introduction and scaling out of SLIs/SLOs, business continuity and incident management.

Ameet has a background in software engineering applied to various industries such as shipping, retail, erp and home automation industry. He previously worked in the superyacht industry and led the development of an on-board entertainment platform, and control system. Ameet has a passion for intersection where technology is applied to enable business with a keen eye on the being customer centric. Ameet has been a part of several entrepreneurial ventures in the past.

Joaquim Rovira a principal developer at working in the Tech Operations side of core infrastructure. It’s been a bit over 8 years since he joined, and have been through a lot of transformations in tech and organization over the years. His background before Booking has a healthy mix of development and operations: his first jobs were mainly in sysadmin roles managing services at the UPC university in Barcelona, and from there he moved on to development of web frameworks and site performance. His real passion, though, lies in systems and everything it takes to keep them running smoothly, so he happily volunteered to join the very first steps of SRE @ Booking.

Mihai Balaci is a Sr. Engineering Manager, leading the Product Performance & Reliability organization at, working with both SRE and engineering teams to achieve the ultimate goal: improve customer experience through a reliable service offering. Beeing part of DevOps transformations teams within 3 different companies, Mihai has been exposed to the DevOps/SRE culture 7 years ago. He is driving the B.DevOps Amsterdam meetup in an effort to build the DevOps/SRE community.

Mihai has a background in both operations & software development, leading mixed DevOps teams in the past 5 years, building platforms, migrating monoliths to microservices & stretching technologies at scale.


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