Women in Testing

Today’s focus topic: Infrastructure

Here is a sneak peek to three of the many inspiring talks you get to hear at this years‘ DevOps Fusion stage!

Intent based deployment for Google Production

A large part of the Google production is maintained through continuous intent-based deployment – including the infrastructure configuration for most services. In the talk «Intent Based Deployment for Google Procuction» Pierre describes why Google settled on intent-based and why it helped manage their ever growing complexity.

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Infrastructure as code journey

Zurich Insurance has recently started its journey to public cloud adoption. It is not a secret that nowadays companies strive to provision cloud infrastructure, using the infrastructure as code approach. How to do this in a structured, secure and easy to consume way? Which of the many IaC languages would you choose to be used and what is this decision based on? Dmitriy tells you how Zurich Insurance Switzerland is navigating the above topics.

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MLOPS for TinyML

When a model is distributed to thousands of TinyML devices, often with no data stream coming back to the cloud, it is hard to debug. New approaches to monitor and maintain its performance might are required. Hajar`s talk will cover the techniques used for automation and monitoring of such systems, from integration, testing to releasing to deployment.

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Stay tuned for more insights on topics such as Performance, Security and Advancing People and Organizations. Join us on June 21 for a day full of networking and insights!