Meet your team in person!

Trade in your mask and track suit for smart casual and a smile. Bring your whole team together – in person – on June 21 in Zurich’s Arena Cinema.

We thought the day would never come! In fact, we are still a bit in awe every time we walk into a store without our masks.

What are you and your team doing to take advantage of this newfound freedom? Reunite with your team and your tribe – or meet new team members previously only seen in video calls – at DevOps Fusion and Swiss Testing Day on June 21.

Five reasons to come as a team

  • Reunite with your team – because we’re all tired of virtual sessions.
  • Build team spirit! Have a fun time learning outside the (home-) office.
  • Conquer the programme! Attend different sessions and share knowledge.
  • Learn from one another by comparing the take aways from the talks.
  • Save money! The bigger the team, the bigger the savings.

We are looking forward to seeing your smiling (and unmasked!) faces – for a day of sharing and inspiration.