Keynote: Microsoft’s DevOps Transformation 

We are thrilled to announce April Edwards, Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft as our first Keynote speaker for this year’s conference.

What can I learn?
Hear how Microsoft cut their release cycle from three years to three weeks! Yes, you read that correctly – from years to weeks. A change of this magnitude was a massive transformation, affecting people, processes and products.

Why is it important?
In DevOps, Operations, Developers as well as Testers play an equally important role. The boundaries between the job roles are becoming more and more blurred. This Built-in-Quality approach aims to deliver high-quality software. Everyone in the organization takes responsibility for quality and stability, and thereby for the business success.

Who’s inspiring me on stage?
April Edwards is a senior cloud developer advocate and the DevOps practice lead at Microsoft, specializing in application transformation and DevOps ways of working. At DevOps Fusion, she will share insights into the agile transformation of Microsoft’s Developer Division. In her talk, she will showcase the newest additions to Azure and explain how to use Azure DevOps to deploy any language on any platform.

Stay tuned
The second keynote and the other speakers will be announced soon!