How EnTe get delivery teams off the ground at PostFinance

“EnTe” is in fact short for “enabling teams”. At PostFinance, they are used in the context of DevOps – mindset that plays a vital role on the road to becoming an agile company. On this journey, PostFinance has accumulated a great deal of DevOps expertise over the years, and has gained valuable insights by experimenting. This expertise is continuously developed, expanded and regularly shared on a practical basis.

After all, sharing expertise is also a major reason why PostFinance always attends the Swiss Testing Day, the parallel conference to DevOps Fusion. This year, one of our keynote speakers will talk about “How our EnTe get delivery teams off the ground”. In his presentation, Roger Reisch, IT project manager with PostFinance, will explain that the conventional building blocks of training, consultation and coaching just aren’t enough anymore for a number of teams as they make the transition to becoming agile teams. He will outline how PostFinance is addressing this, e.g. by setting up an enabling team (EnTe) and through scaling with a community of practice. Their objective is to first establish continuous integration within the team, followed by a continuous delivery pipeline to ensure the quality of the software can be guaranteed at all times. In the process, PostFinance deals with obstacles, complications and setbacks as well as structure, procedure and accomplishments.

We look forward to seeing you at our exhibition stand at DevOps Fusion. Visit us and participate in our game to win an Oculus Quest Virtual-Reality-Headset.

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