Bhushan Bagi & Ameur Djaffri


11.30 – 12.00

Smart Quality for the new age enterprise

As organizations progress to digitize and humanize their customer and worker experiences, they are also aiming to achieve radical levels of engineering productivity. This calls for democratization of quality processes and stakeholder management. How can enterprises achieve this?

In their talk, Ameur Djaffri and Bhushan Bagi would address this question and throw light on Smart Quality that is core to any new age enterprise. They would also dive deeper into its components that are: crowdsourcing, partner ecosystem, Autonomous Testing. Join this session to understand Smart Quality and how it can deliver business outcomes along with fostering a culture of open innovation for your enterprise.

Short Bio

With 18+ years’ experience in Wipro Technologies, Bhushan has driven Enterprise wide Quality Engineering Transformation programs, implemented new ways of working in projects and defined Managed Services Model engagement. In his tenure, he has worked across the verticals such as Financial Services, Enterprise & Telecom industries. He has also held various positions internationally, working across Americas, Europe and APAC in Software development and Quality Engineering – Digital Consulting, Solution Architecture and Service delivery.

With 20+ year experience in Information Technology, Ameur is a seasoned technology leader with extensive experience in the financial and banking services industry; a transformational leader with technical, quality and security expertise and broad international experience. Prior to Credit Suisse, he worked for Barclays and J.P. Morgan. In his tenure he performed  different roles in Architecture, Development, Quality, Risk and Security.

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