Sammy Ramareddy & Thibaud Chardonnens


Self-Service Big Data Platform

Kafka and Hadoop have been in use for several years at Swisscom. Providing Kafka and Hadoop as a Service to multiple teams in a large company presents governance, security and multi-tenancy challenges. In this talk we will present how we built our self-service Big Data Platform which enables teams to use Kafka, Hadoop and Kubernetes internally. We will explain how we tackled these challenges by providing self-service capabilities supported by a governance model and Identity & Access Control Lists management. We will also show how we leverage Kubernetes and how it simplifies our operations.

Short Bio

Sammy Ramareddy is a System Architect responsible for the Big Data Platform at Swisscom and  has been working in different roles around the Swisscom Big Data Platform since 2016. His Software and System Engineering background makes him feel at home when it’s about Platforms and Infrastructure.

Thibaud Chardonnens is a technical product owner at Swisscom where he was one of the first engineers involved in the development of the big data platform. For the last five years, he was mainly building streaming applications and integrating the Kafka ecosystem within Swisscom.

Weitere Speaker