Nicolas Bizard

Devops culture transformation at scale at Credit Suisse

The talk covers our DevOps-journey on a mission-critical application (4k+ user, 40+ developers/multiple locations). I will explain the cultural change, technical setup and best practices: How we shifted the culture of control & escalation to collaboration (incl. Biz) by fostering the team’s autonomy and engineering excellence. How we leveraged feedback loops across all stages (pipeline, monitoring, in-app-feedback, etc.) measured based on defined metrics. As a result we have increased the release cadence from 4/y to bi-weekly, easing the burden of release & roll-out through canary releases.

Short Bio

Nic has been developing banking software with Agile methods and more recently with Devops, improving customer satisfaction and fun at work for the best of the last 15 years.

Weitere Speaker