What is DevOps Fusion?

DevOps Fusion is an independent, not-for-profit conference for professionals interested in or working in DevOps. 

The conference will address both the technical (pipeline, CI/CD and co), as well as the management (process, organisation, culture) aspects of DevOps.

Conference Goals:

  • Create an independent and neutral platform for DevOps in Switzerland
  • Share knowledge and practical experience about DevOps (vs sales or marketing presentations)
  • Promote the sharing of experiences and networking within the community
  • Increase understanding of and improve positioning of DevOps within organisations

DevOps target audience:

  • DevOps responsible, DevOps Engineer, developers
  • IT-architects, Release Managers, Operations and Support
  • Professionals interested in DevOps


  • 30 minutes long, including Q&A
  • Case studies, Trends & Innovations, Food for thought
  • Stumbling blocks, cultural elements, technical aspects
  • How exactly do you do it? What has proven successful? What do you have to watch out for?